Sister has a new book out!

Hey everyone.

Couple of news items. 1st, if I haven’t mentioned it, I am on TUMBLR and I’m more active there than I am here so far. I’m not abandoning this blog but sometimes it’s just easier to re-blog what others write that I agree with.

Anyhoo, find me on Tumblr here:


In addition, my hard-working and very talented little sister has got her first book published and is now available for advanced readership. Check it out here! If you’re into Young Adult Fiction, you’re sure to love this!


Redbook: Chapter 1 Page 6

Ch1Pg5preview #webcomics


Also, if you can’t tell I’ve kinda fallen off the grid the last week or so. I’m taking a quick vacation away from all things comics and internet and just turning off my brain and being stupid for a little while. I’m still sketching cuz…well I gotta, but aside from that I’m even trying to stay away from comic stuff…. though I keep coming up with stories. Haha. Should be good when I get back into the swing of things. Well, enjoy!

Guest Art from MushroomIsland

Abrahana guest art

So now that Chapter 1 has started, en earnest, and some main characters have been introduced, I thought I’d share this with you.

Remember a while ago I participated in a character trade off with MushroomIsland, artist of the awesome comic Remnants. I drew a picture of a couple of her main characters, and so a while ago she drew this picture of Abrahana Messenger that makes me wish she were drawing my comic, to be honest I wish she were drawing Redbook now. lol. Check it out:


Pretty sweet!

Hopefully I’ll participate in more art trades to get more Redbook art from other great artists out there.